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Help for refugees from Donbas region.

June 7, 2022 food help refuges donetsk

Thanks to your donations we could help refugees from Donbas region. Central Church in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast feeds them and takes care of them. Also, they help refugees with evacuation to Western Ukraine or abroad.

They bought:

Let’s continue to help Ukrainians! Every dollar counts!

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Word of thanks from people in Donetsk region

May 10, 2022 donetsk region food help

Here are the word of thanks from people in Dobropillya, Donetsk region

Stores are closed, there are no pharmacies, no gas. Our fund helped them with food and medicine.

We don’t have sponsors, we do that thanks to donations from ordinary people. At the moment, we are almost out of funds, but war in Ukraine continues. Even small personal donations are very important for us, because we can continue to help Ukrainians with food.

Together we can do great things!

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We delivered food into little villages

May 2, 2022 icare ministry ukraine food donate

Here are product packs for people in Donetsk Oblast. We delivered them into little villages, where people don’t have any food. It’s very hard especially for seniors there.

Some people took boxes to bomb shelters. Many people are hiding there, bedridden as well.

Let’s continue to help Ukrainians 🇺🇦 Together we can save and are saving lives!

Helping people in need in Donetsk region.

April 13, 2022 food help donetsk region

80% Of all the food production that was consumed by the Ukrainian people was made in Ukraine, and only 20% was imported from Europe.

Due to war most of the food production is stopped and import has been suspended. In most parts of Ukraine grocery stores shelves are already mostly empty, and food prices are increasing every day. In some parts of Ukraine starvation has already begun.

Your donations help I Care Ministry to buy and distribute food. Together we can save and are saving lives.

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